Enemy of the Rainy Season! Japanese Product that Clean MOLD

Hello everyone, I’m Mireille.

It’s the rainy season.
The rainy season in Japan is humid, humid and humid… so mold is likely to occur.

Therefore, there are various mold removal goods in Japan.

Among them, I will introduce a mold remove good that I have been very impressed with recently.

So are you ready? Let’s go!

The wall of the bath in my house is tile style.

Therefore, during the rainy season, mold will develop between the tiles.

I always used a spray type mold remover.
However, in the spray type, the liquid drips and the liquid does not easily penetrate between the tiles. So I always hassle to soak the tissue in the liquid and sandwich it between the tiles.

However, I found a product that solves such trouble! (By the way, this product has been around for a year, but I didn’t know it.)


This is it


Product name: カビキラー:Kabi kiraa (means mold killer)

Where to buy: any pharmacies

Price: 304 yen (aproximately $3)


It’s super easy to use.

Apply between tiles.

Leave it for 1 hour.


Shower them or wipe with a tissue.



Look at this! It’s pure white!!!

What’s more, if you do this once, you can keep this whiteness for months.

If you like it, please try it.