“Sake” is not just about drinking! Japanese “SAKE” Face mask sheet

Hello everyone. I’m Mireille.
There are various face mask sheets in Japan, and today, I would like to introduce you face mask sheets that made from Japanese sake!

So are you ready? Let’s go!

This is the product I am introducing today.

Product name: Nihonshu mask (※”nihonshu” means Japanese sake in Japanese)
Content: 7 Face mask sheets
Price: 400 yen (approximately $4.00)
Where to buy: Any pharmacies in Japan
According to Nihonshu mask, this face mask sheet has two features:

Formulated with Jaspanese “SAKE”, hot spring water & amino acid
Followed the special process for making “WASHI” Japanese paper)


Let me open the sheet now!
When I open the bag, I feel a slight smell of SAKE. (my personal opinion)
I think the mask is a little soft, probably because it’s WASHI paper (my personal opinion).

I will attach a face mask sheet to my face.

I feel that it is a little smaller than a normal mask (my personal opinion… Maybe some of you think that my face is big…).

Wait 10 minutes while doing other things.

10 minutes have passed.
Take the face mask sheet and check my skin. I feel that my skin has become a little finer (my personal opinion)

How was the face mask sheet made of sake?
There are seven sheets in one bag, so you can use it for one week by yourself, or you can share it with your family and friends.

(also as you can see from the second picture, you can zip the bag, so you can keep the mask fresh)

Please, try it.
Thank you for reading the blog today.