Tokyo Station | One day Plan around Tokyo Station

About Tokyo Station

Tokyo station is the largest station in Tokyo. It was built in 1914, however in 1945, the building was destroyed by the war.

The construction of the building was started in April 2007, and in October 2012, Tokyo station regained its elegant appearance.

There are two main exits: Marunouchi exit and Yaesu exit.

Marunouchi exit area has many commercial and office buildings and many workers come and go everyday.

Yaesu exit area, unlike Marunouchi exit area, there are many visitors for sightseeing and places to visit.


Explore Marunouchi Gate

▼Imperial Palace

In front of Marunouchi gate, there is a street called Gyoko street.

And as you walk this street straightway, you will find the Imperial Palace. There are so many people walking or jogging in the morning, so if you have a sportswear with you, you can enjoy running in a large park in the middle of Tokyo.

The current Imperial Palace is located on the former site of Edo Castle, a large park area surrounded by massive stone walls in the center of Tokyo, and actually, Japan’s Imperial Family lives there.

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Explore Yaesu Gate

▼Japanese style breakfast

If you arrived Tokyo Station early, you can enjoy Japanese style breakfast there.

There are so many shops that open early in the morning, and in my YouTube, I took video that I had nice onigiri (rice ball).

You can buy onigiri at first floor and eat at second floor. Each onigiri box explained what inside in English too. Each onigiri costs between 150 yen to 300 yen ($1.5 to $3)each.



Address: 1-chōme-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda City, Tōkyō-to 100-0005

Opening hours:

 1F 7:00~23:00

 2F 11:00~22:30(L.O.22:00)

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▼Tokyo Ichiban-gai:東京一番街/Tokyo First Avenue

There are several areas to enjoy 

① Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Ramen Street has ramen shops that showcase the best of Tokyo ramen!


② Tokyo Okashi Land(Tokyo Snack Land)

Tokyo Okashi Land has a lineup of sweets from Japan’s confectionery makers.


③ Character Street

Character street is the area that lineup shops filled with popular Japanese characters. 

★You can see how’s Tokyo Ichiban-gai looks like in my YouTube Channel, so please check up it too! →